About Toro Strings

Ram or Ox Gut Strings

High and mid plain gut core strings for bowed instruments. These strings are manufactured high twist according to the stringmakers' tradition from Salle. The Toro Brothers make these strings to ensure the best acoustic performance and long last. Available in a wide range of different diameters from E-string 0.38 to D 3.40 double bass. Standard length is about 120 cm but different lenghts and diameters are available upon request.


Double Twist Gut Strings - Venice Type

Mid range double twist plain gut strings. This kind of strings has a remarkable degree of elasticity and pliability.  Available in a wide choice of diameters and lenghts, these strings are particularly suitable for the mid registers-suited of Renaissance and Baroque stringing instruments. 


Gut Strings Wound with Sterling Silver

Silver wound with a natural gut core.

Very stable and with a high acoustics